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  1. Peter Vandeleur says:

    Dear Errol and Candy, It was so good to visit Well Gully and meet you and thank you for being so generous with your time. I enjoyed getting to understand the operation of your property.very impressive”

  2. Erin Wissemann says:

    Well Gully Merino’s are certainly in a class of there own!! I have worked all over Australia and internationally in the wool harvesting industry and can say Well Gully merino’s are an outstanding animal and my opinion are in a category of there own. The body structure of these sheep combined with the high quality and quantity of wool they produce is a credit to Errol and Candy Brumpton. As I mentioned I have worked all over the country and internationally and have never seen these combined qualities of such a high standard to be produced from sheep flocks before. Errol and Candy I believe you are both doing a fantastic job for the sheep industry of Australia. Keep up the great work and I look forward to visiting again soon. Thanks for the experience Erin Wissemann Current State QLD Woolhandler, Trainer, Wool Classer and Woolhandler.

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